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Your guests are the most important part of your business, so ensuring their safety and happiness is vital.
Our accesso LoQueue solutions allow guests to wait in line virtually, so they can explore more of your venue and comply with social distancing protocols. The result is a better, safer guest experience. An efficient, managed environment. Getting you back in business. Building trust and confidence with customers once again.
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Key Features and Benefits

Guest Experience & Comfort

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By eliminating the need for waiting in line, guests feel more at ease and capable of socially distancing. Plus they’re able to freely explore, opening opportunities for additional experiences.

With our Qsmart® virtual queuing platform, guests use their own devices to queue, and our team of specialists can help you launch and manage your new solution quickly and seamlessly.

We’ve helped companies around the world with virtual queueing. In fact, we invented it. Now, we can bring our decades of experience and unrivaled technology  to help you get your business moving again.

If your normal queue holds 100 guests across a 300 ft area, that same line will become 700 ft long with social distancing.  

That’s nearly two football fields long!

Without a solution, social distancing significantly multiplies the space requirements for queues. Does your venue have the space to accommodate those demands?

Typical Queue

2' space between guests

Social Distance Queue

6' required space

We can help you keep your distance

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